Assessments and 1st Class 6.3.10

I had a blast teaching our first class today!  The minute this class started these kids were laughing their head's off talking silly 5 year old talk!  These 5 year olds are all so well behaved and able to focus on the projects at hand.  They also followed through with instructions amazingly well.  I was really impressed by the group and so the class started off great.  We moved right through projects and had a blast dancing to Hannah Montana music while painting:)   

I loved meeting with your kids for our hour assessments.  It was great to be able to focus on each child and see where they were at with tracing, cutting, gluing, drawing, painting....  The kids started their first mini abstract paintings during their assessments.  They also made little owl paintings which turned out great.   

The kids began their 2nd mini abstract painting today.  The purpose behind the abstract paintings is to introduce the kids to a variety of different products and techniques.  Most of the products take over night to dry so most of the projects take 2 days to finish.  For this abstract we used the acrylic medium called Clear Tar Gel and the kids drizzled it on their canvas however they wanted to make cool effects - we will paint them on the next class.  

The following picture is one of the drawing exercises we did - the kids are all working on drawing the flowers in the pot.  It is so fun to see how unique each drawing is.  I believe that the best way for kids to learn how to draw is to get out their pencils and draw what they see and how they see it.  There is no right or wrong way to draw something.  That is how they develop confidence in their artistic abilities and  they also develop their own unique style.  

Today we began a fun new canvas.  We used YES to paste newspaper clippings onto canvas.  The kids were able to pick the newspaper pieces of their choice to make their canvas unique.  Next week the kids will finish this one - it will be a patriotic painting.  The newspaper is the back drop for the painting - the kids will paint over it with a translucent white acrylic paint and then paint an airplane over that.  

Look at these cute kids taking a little well deserved break...

The kids finished their mini abstract #1 which we started at the assessments.  They used Golden acrylic molding paste and spread it across the canvas with a pallate knife and then used a comb through the paste to create fun lines and criss-crosses.  Today they painted them.

For our art history lesson I talked about Jackson Pollock and his action paintings in which is flung, splattered, dripped and drizzled paint!  The kids painted their canvas a solid color  - using the Lakeshore Learning Tempera Cakes again and then they splattered and dripped paint all over them - Jackson Pollock style.  We splattered with Lakeshore Learning liquid tempura mixed with a little water to make it easier to splatter.  I love this activity because it is fun and there is no wrong way to do it.  The kids love it!

Lastly, just for fun the kids were able to decorate their little treasure chests!

I am really looking forward to our next class on Tuesday!  I hope to be able to continue to keep you updated through the blog.