Class 6.25.10

In class today we made some fun abstract paintings.  I love how each painting turned out so different.  I heard some comments like, "Wow, that looks really cool when I do this...."  and "This is so fun!"  Ah - that makes all the prep worth it!  These kids are all so attentive and they really try their best - love them!

We started a mesh texture mini-abstract...

The class colored Matisse pictures for our art history lesson.  They were all coloring so nicely, I was impressed.

Just for fun we did some marble art - we just dropped paint on paper and rolled the marbles all around in it.

We are almost done with our little underwater/whale paintings...  The kids just need to glue on sea shells next class.

We pulled out the Golden and Liquitex acrylics for our abstract paintings today.  I taught the kids about the characteristics of acrylic and how you can create different affects by mixing water in to thin out the paint.  Then we used the thin paint for our drip paintings.  I also showed them how they could create cool affects by spraying their paintings with the spray bottle.  

The kids worked together on a class painting by simply painting lines on the canvas.  With all the little hands at work the whole canvas was covered in no time.  They were very proud of their work!

Love these cute kids!