Class Tues. June 15th

I had so much fun with these kids again today!  They all get along so well together and they just crack each other up with their silly jokes.  So today we worked on little paintings for Father's Day which I am of course not posting pictures of since it is a surprise.  I asked them to paint a picture of themselves and their Dad's.  They are all very different and very cute.

We talked about Georges Seurat and made our own pointillism paintings with Q tips.  Some of the kids really wanted to just paint with the Q tips instead of making dots - I don't blame them, it is tedious!  

Just for fun we tried dripping watercolor paint on paper and spreading the paint by blowing through straws.  I heard a lot of "wow" and "watch this" and "look at this!"  I think it was a hit.

We also painted 2 mini abstracts that were dry from the last 2 classes.

I am way excited to bring these kids to the art museum Thursday.  I hope that it will be inspiring, educational and fun!