Class Tues. June 8th!

Today's class was full of many different activities - cutting, painting, drawing, using tempura, watercolor, oil pastels, light molding paste, palate knifes, stencils and more.  We had a lot of fun!  Here are some pictures for you....

We almost finished our patriotic collage paintings, we will finish them tomorrow...

We talked about Vincent VanGogh and colored pictures with watercolor and oil pastel.  Then the children added texture like VanGogh's "impasto" by using light molding paste.  

We will paint on top of the molding paste tomorrow when it is dry....

This next picture is of the kids doing a drawing exercise.  They were trying to draw the airport tower toy.  I just love all the different interpretations they came up with!

They painted their mini abstract "drip resist" painting.

They also started a new mini abstract in which they spread light molding paste on canvas board.  They will paint them tomorrow.  I love how these abstracts allow the children so much freedom of expression.

The kids LOVED my spin art machine! (RoseArt brand)  They had a great time taking turns making these awesome creations....  We used three different kinds of paints for this project - biocolor paint from discount school supply, Lakeshore glitter paint and Lakeshore Liquid tempura.  It was a lot of fun!

Look at the concentration on these kids faces:)

What a fun day!!!