Class Wed. June 9th

Well this class is just moving right along!  It is so fun for me to see how these projects I have envisioned in my head are coming together!  I love how each one is so unique.  During class on Wed. we finished our patriotic collage paintings.  I think the thing the kids love most about them are the newspaper clipping backgrounds.  

We cut out paper in the shape of whales for a little canvas we will be making on Tuesday.  It will be a fun little canvas, we will be adding texture like sand to the painting and gluing on sea shells.  I think the kids will like it!

Our art history lesson was on Andy Warhol and we colored our own soup can prints with oil pastels...

We had so much fun making these butterflies with liquid watercolor from Discount School Supply.  The kids used droppers to drop the liquid watercolor onto the butterflies.  It was fun to watch the colors spread and mix with other colors.  

Lastly, we worked on our next mini abstract...  We used cups and beaded necklaces and a spool of thread to create neat impressions into the canvas covered with Golden molding paste.  If nothing else I hope the children learn from these abstracts to be creative and think outside of the box whenever they are making art!

I can't wait for our next class, we will be learning about Georges Seurat and making pointillism paintings with Q-tips!