Utah Museum of Fine Arts 6.17.10

I must admit the field trip to the Arts Museum was awesome!  I was in heaven walking around the museum with the kids and then eating lunch and doughnuts outside.  I can't think of a better way to spend the day.  Thank you so much Lynette and Margo for coming and helping me out.  You were fun to have as company and I am glad we only got yelled at once for making too much noise in a museum!  Lynette took pictures there for us and they turned out great!  Is this picture not the coolest picture ever!  I have to blow it up and frame it!

Here is another group shot...

The kids thought it was hilarious that a banana peel is left on the floor of the museum everyday as a symbol of how anything can be art.

They also loved this horse made out of wood.  

I hope the kids learned that art museums are fun and interesting.  There is so much to see and learn from!