Art Exhibition Night

I was so busy visiting with parents and grandparents at the Art Exhibition Night that I did not even have the chance to pull out my camera!  Thank goodness my good friend Lynette snapped some pictures for me.  Speaking of Lynette I owe her so BIG.  She worked so hard to help me pull this Exhibition Night off included hanging 150 pieces of artwork all over my backyard on the windiest day of the summer.  Thank goodness for velcro.  I just have to say how proud I am of these kids.  They have all amazed me with their hard work and enthusiasm during this art class.  I have been able to get to know them so well and I will really miss seeing their faces twice a week.  Teaching this class has been such an unforgettable experience.

A little art decor.... I could not help myself I had to fill every glass jar I had with art supplies

As the sun was setting the light was blinding

I wanted everything to be really colorful so we had cookies with m&m's, tons of colorful candy in jars, and rainbow sherbet punch.

 We had a great turn out.  I loved how many grandparents showed up to support their little artists.

I sewed crayon rolls as a gift for each child

That night was a lot of work but it was worth every minute.