Summer 2010 Class Info

During the summer art classes our main focus will be on painting.  Each child will make three paintings on canvas.  One will be abstract, the other will be a collage of paper, fabric and paint, and the last will be a transfer of one of their drawings onto canvas to paint.  We will also do other paintings on paper or art board.  Most of those painting will be abstract as we will be painting with a variety of different materials such as brushes, palette knives, cheesecloth and rags, string, sponges, brayers, eyedroppers, toothbrushes, feathers, paint tubes....  We will use a variety of different acrylic mediums such as molding pastes and gels to get different affects.  These classes will open the children's eyes to the endless possibilities of paint!  Through these painting projects the children will not only be learning about paint, they will be learning about color mixing, textures, values, shapes, forms and all of the elements of art.  The most important thing is to show the children how FUN it is to make art!  I hope the children in my class will feel free to express their unique creativity and to have fun with all of the art materials!

Art History:
 Art History is going to be an important aspect of the class.  Each day the children will have a lesson in art history.  We will discuss in depth a specific artist and/or art movement and will make a piece of art in their style.  As part of our discussions I will introduce new art vocabulary.  During the art history lessons the children will view numerous pieces of art.  One of the main purposes of the art history lessons is to open the children's eyes to new techniques and ideas that they may want to incorporate into their own art work.

Free art time:
During each class the children will have free art time with different artistic mediums: printmaking materials, acrylic paints, oil pastels, charcoals, watercolors, sponges, stamps, paint rollers, texture brushes…..  They will be introduced to new materials each day.
Basic Skills:
I have carefully selected art projects that give the children practice with a variety of skills including drawing, cutting, pasting, painting, blending….  Each day the children will have fun drawing exercises!  It is important not to teach a child “the way” something should be drawn.  Children should interpret for themselves how things should be drawn – that is the way they develop their own unique artistic style and confidence in their artistic abilities.  I will put objects on the table and ask the children to draw the objects from their own vantage point on the table.  Then we will share our drawings.  I will teach the children to respect each other’s artwork and to appreciate the uniqueness of the work.   The purpose of these exercises is to develop skills  - it does not matter what the child’s skill level is.

Field trip:
This summer we will go to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (at the University of Utah) for the class field trip.  At the museum we will look at a variety of art work and talk about the techniques and elements of the art.  We will complete an art project while there which will be a replica of one of the paintings on exhibit.  We will eat lunch on the campus lawn before returning home.

Exhibition night:
The exhibition night will take place at the frozen yogurt shop down the street from my house.  Some of the children's favorite art work will be on display inside the shop and outside on tables if the weather is nice.  The children will be given invitations that they can share with their friends and family.  I know the children will love seeing their art work on display and eating some frozen yogurt!  Each artist will be recognized there and will receive an award!