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I am just thrilled with the response that I have received from my article on design mom  a couple days ago.  I have had many phone calls and emails since then from parents like me that want to incorporate more art into their children's lives.  Some parents are even organizing their own groups of kids to follow along with my art class and hold an exhibition night together.  I am so encouraged and excited.  I have learned from my previous art classes that the best way to ensure that my students continue to create art after the class is over is by giving the parents the tools they need to help them.  So my focus for this class is to give the parents as much information and ideas as I can in the short amount of time that I have before this class will be over in April.  I want to thank Kirsten for her comment asking for me to share my favorite art books for children.  I would love to!  I will definitely start working on a post about that for you.  I have lots more ideas of things to post as we draw closer to this class but if there is anything you want to ask me please do.  One question I am getting a lot is whether I will be listing all of the products we will be using in the online class in advance.  I sure will and I will be telling you my favorite brands and where you can buy them.  The plan is to post the first day of class on Monday March 14th so I will try to get the info about supplies out a couple weeks before that.

Well I wouldn't want to write a post without sharing some ideas with you so here are a few Valentines project ideas my kids and I did last year....

We made these Valentines cards by cutting off the end of brussels sprouts and dipping them in red ink and then stamping them onto the paper.  They totally look like roses I love it.  This one is so fun for kids!

Last year my sons made little pink and red beaded bracelets for their grandma's for valentines.  You can buy stretchy plastic like beading thread from craft stores like Michaels by the beads.

We also placed a paper doily on top of a piece of white paper and then painted over the entire surface.  Then we pealed off the doily and it left this beautiful design.  This is an easy project even a 2 year old can do and it makes a beautiful valentine.  You can find paper doilies at all craft stores this time of year.

For the next valentine we drew pictures of flowers on cards and then glued string on top of the drawings.  If you are doing this with a very young child I recommend making the flowers bigger and maybe only doing 1 flower.  

 Have you ever made Chinese lanterns before?  They are so cute and easy to make.  For these ones I folded about an 8" x 7" paper in half longways (hotdog) and cut slits from the fold to about an inch shy of the top of the paper.  Then you open it up and tape the two ends together making a circle.  Lastly, don't forget to make a little handle and tape it to the lantern.

I hope you enjoyed those ideas.


  1. I did! And I'm so excited to have discovered your blog through Design Mom. My oldest is 2.5 and I'm really hoping I can find some fun ideas of how to do 'art projects' with her every day. It's her all time favorite activity and I can't wait to get more creative with her this year!

  2. Nice blog with great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing. Take care, Dani (happy to meet another Dani online)

  3. Love these ideas! You are so amazing to me! Mads & now my sweet Iza can do the stuff too! I can't wait for class to start yippie!

  4. Great ideas! Love spending time with my boy on different projects and I love the internet to find the creativity/inspiration I am lacking. Thank you!

  5. Hi there! I am the Managing Editor for Stampington & Company's newest publication, Create With Me -- a magazine about creating art with children. I would love to talk to you about your project, Abstract#1: Pressed Shapes. Please email me at ademien@stampington.com.