Exciting News!

I have two fun and exciting things to share with you.

First, you can now purchase my book suggestions right from my site! Just hover your mouse over the book link and it will give you the price for new and used books at Amazon.com. I love that place, don't you? 
You can see my book selections here, here and here.

And for my second and most important news....
drum roll please...
I'm sure you will remember a few weeks ago when I wrote here about an Art Exhibition Idea using a Party Plan from One Charming Party.

Well for a limited time they are offering my readers 25% off a party plan!!

It is so easy! Go to their website and pick which Party Plan you want to purchase. At checkout enter the code "pineapple".

I purchased the Art Party, and can hardly wait to use it for our Exhibition Night. The PDF is not only beautiful but has SO MUCH information to make it possible for anyone to make it a great party.
Go to One Charming Party and get one for your Exhibition night too.
Because you're doing one...right?!


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  2. Hey Danners, Scott and I watched The Social Network last night and Scott said, "You should copyright this stuff" You totally should! Someone could take your ideas and SELL them as their own. Even if you're stuff is pretty basic, just the pdf and other things you make. This site looked pretty good
    http://www.ehow.com/how_5048261_copyright-blog.html. I wanna have an art exhibition party too!! Thanks for the discount, I'll check her out!

  3. Heidi-

    Thanks for watching my back Heidi. You are just sweet to think my ideas are worth stealing - he he. Love ya!


  4. Dani-
    I’m so happy for you and all the success you’re having with your online art class. I am really excited to start the projects with my son. We’ve been working on the artist poster. I put a link on my blog to you. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas!