I am an Artist Poster

Computers are not my specialty but I am bound and determined to figure out the best way to share all the free printables I am making for the spring online art class.  Today I am testing out my "I am an Artist" poster on mediafire.  Feel free to click here and print a copy for your little artists at home and give them a little head start on the class.  If you have any trouble or have any better ideas let me know.  I recommend you take your copy of the poster to somewhere like Kinko's to have it enlarged.


  1. I loved this and wanted to print a copy but the link is not working. Help

  2. I also was trying to print this but it wouldn't print. Is there anyway to print it.

  3. Hello,
    I made a Dutch variation on your poster. I linked in my blogpost back to you!
    greetings from Belgium (Tekenlesjes.blogspot.be)

  4. Love the poster- please repost a printable copy!

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