Art Class Day 4

I was asked another GREAT question from one of my readers and I thought I would answer it today.  She asked, 

"What is the best way for a busy mom to dabble in art?  I have always loved art but I have never been trained."

That is a great question.  Painting is a stress reliever for me.  I LOVE to pull out my paints at night when my kids are asleep and turn on my favorite songs and just paint.  My biggest problem is that I become so fascinated by the painting that before I know it, I realize it is 2:00 in the morning!  Though I LOVE to paint, I go through phases because I love a lot of things.... sewing, cooking, organizing, reading.....  The thing that motivates me to paint is to begin a project that I am really fascinated by.  When I come across a painting that I LOVE, I remember it and I think about how I would create it differently.  I love to look at art online and the source I probably go to the most is Oopsy Daisy .  They have a wide variety of paintings for adults and kids.  I can get lost for hours looking at the artwork on their website, they have HUNDREDS of paintings.  The artwork just blows my mind - but I love this stuff.  Don't worry if you have never been trained in art.  You can learn EVERYTHING through your own research and experimentation.  My advice to you is to find a painting that you really like and try to re-create it. As you may know I am holding classes once a week in my home for a small group of students during this class.  Well, I challenged all of their moms to make a painting to display at our art exhibition night at the end of the class.  Though they were all a little taken back at first they are excited to have an excuse to be creative and learn themselves.  To be fair I have extended that challenge to myself and I will be finishing a painting that I started working on last May and still have not finished.  I need to have it done by mid - April, so I better get busy.  It is pictured at the top of this post.  I can't wait to finish it.  The painting is pretty big... about 4 feet by 3 feet.  I CHALLENGE YOU TO MAKE A PAINTING TOO!  Make this challenge an excuse for you to get creative.  Your enthusiasm will spread to your children too!

Now let's get to today's art lesson.....

*The art history lesson on Andy Warhol and the Soup Can project instructions and printable were only available online for 48 hours.  If you would like your own personal copy of the lessons, projects, printables and BONUS projects please consider purchasing my class PDF.  To find out more click here.

Art History: Andy Warhol

Warhol’s Soup Can:  


  1. Looks great Dani, we are so loving your class! Your painting looks great by the way.

    I can't get the soup can word document to open (I don't have word) is there any other source I can get that online somewhere?

  2. Thanks for answering my question! I'll take your challenge! Love that it's so do-able.