Art Class Day 5 and exciting news!

I can't believe we are already to the end of the first week!  Wow!  Next week will be all about LINES.  I have some great projects in store for your little artists.  You will be surprised by the amazing little pieces of art you can create through using lines!

Exciting news!!!
It seems to be birthday party season in our neighborhood, I think my kids have been to 4 parties in the last 2 weeks.  I am finding myself in the toy aisle at Target a lot and then it hit me..... I should give a copy of my PDF and some art supplies for birthday presents.  But why stop there...... I could even give them to my friends for their birthdays.  I could even give a copy to my neighbors for Christmas!  (I am a nut to be thinking about Christmas in March) Oh and my kid's teachers at the end of the school year......  I am going crazy just thinking about how much simpler and more meaningful that would be.    So I don't know if it is just because it is really late and I am full of green candy from the leprechauns, but I am in a generous mood and I want you to be able to share my PDFs with your friends too, so I decided I would relax my copyright a bit to allow each person that purchases my PDF to make up to 3 copies to give away as gifts.... to a friend, a neighbor, a child, a family member, a teacher.....   That means you can make a copy for yourself plus 3 additional copies for friends.  If you want 8 copies of the PDF then just purchase 2 PDF's.... you get the idea.  In return will you tell your friends that they would need to purchase one of my PDFs if they would like to make their own copies?  I believe that I have pretty honest readers - you are moms that want to make art with your kids:)  Can you beat that price for a quality gift?  I . don't . think .  so.!!

Oh and while we are on the subject of being generous..... could someone please leave a comment for me so that I do not feel like I am sending my posts into outer space?    I am getting thousands of hits and downloads of my printables and hardly anyone is saying a thing.  Hello..... are you really out there???  I'm just sayin'.  I would rather you be making art with your kids than typing on a computer but I just want to know if you are enjoying my little class.

Well on that lovely note..... here is our last project of the week!


Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet, 1873

The Seine at Asnieres by Claude Monet, 1873

*The suggestions for the compare and contrast activity and the instructions for the landscape paint project were only available online for 48 hours.  To find out more about purchasing a copy of my class PDF click here.



  1. I found your "button" on my sister's blog. I'm so excited! I've been interested in finding some pre-school-at-home projects that can be consistent. So glad I found you!

    My daughter will be 3 in June, but she speaks really well and understands concepts pretty quickly. She loves to draw, and I'm sure she'd love to paint too.

    I saw your materials list. We are on a TIGHT budget and about to move, so I don't want to buy much, but I don't have paints. What would you recommend for my little beginner? What's the most versatile/least expensive/best for an almost 3 year-old?

    Sorry for the long comment! Hope it makes sense, and I'd LOVE some help. Thanks so much for such a fun blog!


  2. Thank you! I will give a copy to my daughter's preschool.

    We've been having a great time following along and Linnea is always excited to tell her teacher what we've been doing.

  3. Ooooh, today's project sounds great! I can't wait to get started on it with my daughter! You continue to impress me more and more everyday with these projects!!!

  4. These projects have been great...I especially like the Warhol. My daughter is a fan of the Little Einsteins and she's already been introduced to some of the artists' names there, so this is a fun way for her to make something like them. I'm also hoping to get to a good museum this summer (we're close to DC, so free art is easy).

  5. Loving doing art with my kids! We are one day behind thank goodness for early day out so we can catch up. Loving this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Thank you for sharing. I am so excited to try this with my little ones. I have often felt bad that my children didn't get more art exposure in school but the thought of trying to collect information and resources to do it myself seemed expensive and daunting. Your site is the beautiful solution. Thank you for offering the PDFs with the option to gift to others. I'm definitely considering it!

  7. We have been having so much fun with the class! We're a bit behind (both because of a baby due any day now and moving at the kids' pace) but we plan to do all of the projects. Thank you so much for sharing the class. It's so fun to do real art with the kids. :D

  8. Hi Dani:
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. We are following you in Ontario, Canada. I have only completed the Day 1 Projects with my kiddoes (ages 5 & 3). We are currently on March Break-no school for this past week. I did go and purchase a large amount of necessary items at Michaels earlier this week and it was expensive. So, in all honesty, I have left everything in the bags hoping I could
    a) go to my FIL (he's an artist) and hit him up for stuff or
    b) wait till the weekend to repurchase b/c there is some other coupon deal at Michaels.

    I am also a Junior Kindergarten teacher and would love to try this with my students, however, my classroom budget is non existent and I am tired of absorbing all the costs. And, our list of things we can purchase thru the small school budget is rather weak, esp. in the art dept.

    My main concern is how will I be able to keep up next week when we return to the daily routine of school etc. My son is in school all day and by the time he comes home, it's basically, supper, tiny bit of homework (I know-he's only 5!) and bed routines.

    Also, from a teacher perspective, I think I need more specific details. For ex. that petroleum jelly painting-you didn't mention to use a large paintbrush and for those art peasants of us out there, we need specifics! Your pictures do help. If I purchase the PDFs will the picture supports be there?
    Ok, this was more like a PhD Dissertation than a comment. I look forward to creating some spectacular wall art for our home created by our very own artists in residence. Thanks so much for the fabulous, MODERN ideas. Love each project so far.

  9. Thanks so much for putting all this together. I'm planning to do Day 1 today with the kids, so I'll let you know how it goes!

  10. I have a group of ten kids in my neighborhood and we'll all be getting together to do these art projects together....but, we're not starting for a few more weeks. I have my PDF ready to study to teach these kiddos and have some fun. Thanks for letting us print 3 copies! I LOVE the idea of this for gifts!

    I do have one question that I've been thinking about and wondered if you had any ideas....when you have a group of kids all doing these projects, where do you put them to dry? Do you just set them all over your kitchen? Or do you have any other ideas?

  11. Dani, these are WONDERFUL! I have a 4 year old artist in my home and she is having the time of her life...but so is my 6 year old and my almost two year old. Thank you for your generosity!

  12. I don't normally comment on blogs, but you're so right...people want and need to know that they are appreciated!

    Dani, your class is fantastic! I homeschool my son (he's a first-grader) and also have a preschooler, so your class fits our family and situation perfectly. And it's so full of info I'm going to be using the techniques and projects for the rest of our school year. :) I love how accessible you've made it for this age group. I have a degree in architecture, so I obviously I know all these principles, but I sometimes have a hard time remembering/thinking how to bring it back the basics for my two creative little guys.

    Thank you SO MUCH for all the time and effort you have put into this class!


  13. I love what you are doing! I do have a question for you. How long will your PDF be available for purchase? We are on a tight budget and it just isn't in the cards quite yet. Plus, living in an apartment I want to wait till the weather gets warmer so we can do it all outside (No risk of getting paint on anything). So I was just wondering if it was something you would have up for a long time to buy or if you planned on taking it down sometime. Thanks!

  14. Oh my! you are so right! I'm so sorry I had not post anything about your classes!
    Thank your so much for doing this!
    I think it is a great opportunity for our kids to be learning about art!
    Thanks again for your time and hard work on doing this!

  15. We are LOVING the projects! They are perfect for my four year old artist! We have done everything everyday and are excited for today's project. Thanks so much. We were in a "don't know what to do slump" and you have pulled us out of it.

  16. I am loving these classes! Thanks for the great ideas! And for being so generous :)

  17. I've been collecting supplies and requesting the books from the library. Plan to dig into some of your fabulous projects this weekend.

  18. My kids love art and my 6-year-old has been begging for art lessons, so I jumped on the chance to follow along with your blog. Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. Glad you have got so many nice comments! ;) You deserve it!

    Gage loved seeing his picture posted last night. Thanks again.

    I'm curious to see what landscapes my kids are going to do. Have a nice weekend!

  20. I saw you on Studio 5 (The only show I actually take over the TV every day) and you have inspired me to share art with my children. I am not an artist, but my dad is. I grew up learning his appreciation of art and beauty in the world. I have not tried these activities with my kids yet, but I am storing them for the summer. I checked out some kid's art books at the library and I have even caught my kids thumbing through them. My 9-year-old daughter has a few ideas of things she would like to paint. She is excited to get "real" brushes and use "real" canvas. I thank you for inspiring me!

  21. My kids and I are LOVING your class!! So fun and so engaging! Thank you thank you thank you for making it doable and accessible and affordable. So far, we haven't had to buy a thing, although I need to get on it and order a few of those online materials soon. If you ever have an adult art class, I live in South Jordan and would seriously consider driving if you're not too far. Otherwise, the online thing is incredibly convenient and just a great idea. Thanks Dani. You're awesome.

  22. I love your ideas! Recently I have been thinking about what my kids' talents are and how to help them more fully develop them. My son loves to draw and create. So when I saw you on Studio 5 I was very interested. After looking at your website I'm excited to try painting with him. I have decided to teach him in the summer to allow me time to gather the supplies and be prepared. I love your idea of teaching students in your neighborhood. In fact I was wishing you were in my neighborhood to teach my kids because I think they would love it. Thank you for sharing all of your hard work with us. I loving seeing people who are passionate about something share it with others.


  23. Oh my! You are my new favorite blog - I'm totally addicted! That said I've never commented before, because when I get done reading a post my mind is going a million miles an hour planning all of the cool projects and things that I want to do with my kids, the kids in the neighborhood, my kids' friends, and every other small person I can gather into my basement! Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Thanks! The lesson plans are wonderful! I second the idea of an adult art class, I'm in Utah and would sign up in a heartbeat!

  25. My post about our Day 1 is up here. http://helpinglittlehands.blogspot.com/2011/03/blue-goose-art-class-is-in-session-read.html

  26. Dani,

    We had spring break last week, so I am just catching up on your posts. This class is so great! Thanks for allowing us to print 3 copies of your PDFs. They will make wonderful gifts!