Art Class Day 9

Compare and Contrast:

Self-Portrait by Van Gogh 1889 (Post-impressionist)

Self-Portrait by Pablo Picasso 1907 (Cubism)


*The suggestions for the compare and contrast activity and the instructions for the self-portrait project were only available online for 48 hours.  All of the projects for the entire class, plus worksheets and BONUS projects are available on my class PDF.  


  1. I love the contrast between these two portraits. I'm excited to do this project with my girls. I'm also curious to see which art supply each of them will choose.

  2. Dani,
    I love the boys' self portraits. The Liam-Maestro, aka the Handsome Protector, is really really smart (he's in kindergarten and reads like a 4th grader; he love's school; he's an amazing artist; he plays the piano; he's an awesome soccer player; he can tell time; and he can tie his own shoes - to name a few of his accomplishments) so its fitting that he see's himself with a really big head - it needs to be really huge to stuff stuff all that talent in there. I want to frame his portrait and hang it on my wall. And then there's my Lancer-Man,aka Lancer-panser, what a hoot! To know his character is to understand his self portrait of a monster - that's his playful side to get your attention and make you laugh. Notice his bright eyes, circle ears and grinning smile - that's not a monster, that's our one and only Super hero Lancer-panser to the rescue to make your day fun. Your portrait is also going in a frame and will hang on Grandma's wall. And I'd like to add that he's an awesome soccer player - Go "Orange Pumpkins"! Oh my Gosh, I love being a Grandma. Thank you Dani for all your amazing talent (I know you get your amazingness from the McGuire side, but I hope you think you get some of it from the Manning side). I am so proud of you, Dani. Can't wait for your next post. xoxo, Grandma Sue

  3. I had commented before about which paint would be best to get on a budget. Just wanted to let you know that we are having a FABULOUS time.

    I found a three-pack of BIG bottles of tempura in yellow, red, and blue for about $1.80 at Target. I found some brushes for $2.14 (5 pk) at Target, and I found a little art kit with all kinds of stuff (mostly I was interested in the oil pastels) for $3.99 at Michael's today. All in all, I spent $10.00 for those and a few other things, and this is WITHIN the budget! YAY!!!

    THANK YOU FOR THIS CLASS!!! My daughter and I had a great time drawing ourselves today.


  4. My little girls were disappointed that both of the self-portraits by famous artists were of men, so I showed them some of Frida Kahlo's paintings and a self-portrait by Mary Cassatt. Another fun project!