Bio-Color Paint

* As we get closer to the first day of my online art class which starts on March 14th I am posting information about the products I have on the class materials list.  If you would like to see the outline of the class click here.  

Bio-Color paint is such a unique product.  The only company that makes bio-color paint is Discount School Supply.  I have the complete bio-color paint kit and I love it.  This paint has a very smooth consistency and has so many possibilities.  Besides being fabulous paint, Discount School Supply has created solutions that you can mix into the paint to turn it into putty or to turn it into fabric paint and more.  They also have solutions to make the paint glitter and shimmer.  In my online art class we will be squeezing bio-color paint into fun shapes and peeling the paint off the surface and reattaching it to a canvas.  That will make more sense when you see the step-by-step pictures.  You will only need any 3 colors of the paint for that project.  You can buy individual bottles for $2.99 each.  This paint has so many possibilities.  I recommend this paint for fun experimental painting.  It is not as beautiful or long lasting as tempera or acrylic.  However, there is nothing else like it for fun experimenting.  If you would like more info about bio-color paint check out this review sent to me by one of my readers.  If you can only afford to buy either tempera or bio-color paint I say buy tempera because we will use it more in the online class.  However, make sure you add bio-color to your list of most wanted art supplies.  I wanted to tell you about this paint as soon as I could so you would have time to order it and have it shipped to you for the class.

To make the most vibrant colored bubbled prints mix bio-color paint with Discount's bubble mix and water.  It make the best bubbles too!

You can freeze bio-color paint to make "paintsicles" which can be used to draw with like chalk.  They are fun!
 These are really fun paint mix-ins.
 Every child loves to play with putty.  Discount makes it as easy as mixing their solution into the paint.

This paint is so fun!


  1. How fun! I love the bubbles and the paintsicles. Once again, thanks for sharing your knowledge of art with all of us! :)

  2. I'm doing a series of our favorite books about art for kids series on my children's book blog leading up to and during the preschool art class. Anyway I hope it's ok I linked back to the Spring Preschool Art class in the post :)


  3. This might be my new FAVORITE art supply!! Must order the bubble paint and the paint to make popsicles!! LOVE it -- just featured it and your awesome blog on my Facebook page : )

  4. Thanks, that is very helpful! What cool stuff!

  5. You mentioned that we really only need 3 colors of biopaint for class. Does it matter which colors? Which do you recommend?

  6. Cindy-
    Good question.... You can buy any three colors for the project that we will be using it for. Also, you can substitute the bio-color paint for acrylic as well in the project. I love bio-color paint and I wish all children had some but if you have to choose between acrylic or bio-color - buy acrylic paint! We will only be using the paint for one project in the class.