Design Mom at the Louvre

Do you read Design Mom?  I just love Gabrielle and I am in awe of the incredible experience her family is having in France this year.  Today she posted about taking her kids to the Louvre.  Amazing!  As an Art History Major I have only seen textbook pictures of the incredible artwork there.  Her post has me thinking more about the little field trip I will be taking with my boys and their friends during the spring class.  It may not be the Louvre but it will still be a great experience!  Have you found a museum to visit yet?

Have you heard of the Google Art Project?  I just found out about it myself and I am so excited about it!  The brilliant people at Google have visited museums from all around the world and have taken pictures of hundreds of amazing pieces of art from those museums.  The pictures are incredible quality, and can be zoomed in to show details.  As someone that loves learning about art from all over the world I could not be more in awe of the Google Art Project.  This will be a resource I will use often to teach about art.  Check it out!


  1. Hi there,

    I LOVED your segment on Studio 5, great job! Your blog is fantastic, I hope to do some of your project ideas this summer with my kiddos.


  2. How much will your pdf copy of the online class cost and how would I go about purchasing it?

  3. Thanks for your question Jamie..... I just thought I would let you know that I will be posting more info about the PDF and the cost and everything on Friday. You will be able to buy it right from my website. I am currently just finishing the PDF of the first half of the class, there will be another PDF of the last half of the class. The first PDF will be ready for sale by Monday the 14th!

  4. I absolutely love the Louvre! I think you could easily spend a week in there before you ran out of things to see.

    I also love taking kids to art museums. I was a docent at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston for two years and gave tours to 4th graders. My tour was based on faces, and I loved showing and discussing the different pieces with the 9 & 10 year olds. There is something so exciting about teaching children about art!