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One of my readers asked me a great question, she asked how I would explain the color white to children?  That is something that I considered discussing in this class but I figured I would save it for an older group of kids.  However, since I know there are older kids following along I thought I would give a little explanation.  You may have learned that white is a combination of all of the colors - that is true.  So why do you get a brown color when you mix all of the paint colors together?  That is because the rules of color are different for light than they are for paint pigment.  White light is a mixture of all of the colors in the light spectrum.  Without light there is no color.  Technically white and black are not even considered colors.  White is a mixture of all of the colors and black is the absence of color.  White and black are considering values.  If you add white to a color you have created a new "tint" of that color.  If you add black to a color you have created a "shade" of that color (that makes sense right because in the shade there is less light).  Have you ever done an activity like this?  When you spin a color wheel all of the colors blend together and it looks white, it is pretty fascinating.  If you would like to do more experimenting with color and light and how our eyes see color I recommend buying this Light Exploration Kit from Lakeshore Learning.  I have this kit at my house to teach about color and I love it!  Also, I thought I would share one of the best resources I have ever come across about color theory, click here.  Make a copy of it for future reference and you will be glad you did!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the link for the color exploration kit, it looks great!