LINES: Art Class Day 6!

Welome to week 2 of our four week Intro to art class! 

Week 2: LINES
This week we will be learning all about lines! Artists use lines in a variety of different ways.  I like how the Getty Museum defines lines: “A line is an identifiable path created by a point moving in space. It is one-dimensional and can vary in width, direction, and length. Lines often define the edges of a form. Lines can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, straight or curved, thick or thin. They lead your eye around the composition and can communicate information through their character and direction.” The possibilities of lines are endless. This week I would like to introduce the children to a variety of different types of lines. Then we will be doing some fun projects that incorporate lines! You can use almost any piece of art for a visual aid since they all incorporate some sort of lines.

This week’s goals:
1.  To learn about all different types of lines and to practice drawing them. 
2.  Experiment with lines in fun abstract paintings. 
3.  Art History: learn about Jackson Pollock, his unique use of lines and create a similar piece of art. 
4.  Compare and Contrast two pieces of art 
5.  Make a self-portrait

This week’s projects:
    Lines worksheet 
    String painting 
    Abstract lines painting 
    Art History: Jackson Pollock Splatter painting 
    Compare and contrast 
    Marble art
There are 2 bonus projects for this week on the class PDF.

*The lines worksheet and the instructions for the string painting were only available online for 48 hours.  If you are interested you can purchase my class PDFs, click here to find out more.  The PDFs include instructions for all of the projects, plus worksheets and BONUS projects.  Also, once you purchase the PDF you are allowed to make 3 extra copies of it to give away as gifts!

Lines Worksheet

String Painting

I hope you had fun making many different types of lines today.  Tomorrow you will learn how easy it is to make a beautiful abstract painting by simply painting straight lines!


  1. My kids are going to love this. Thanks again.

  2. Darling!! We have no school today and this was the perfect little art activity. My kidos are working on their lines worksheets right now. I'll send some pictures later today during nap time. I think the ideas and the information you post is amazing!! You are inspiring me so much! I have an older blog with an abstract line drawing (doodle) idea you might like. This worksheet reminded me of it.


    Thank you so much for brightening our day!

  3. Dani, I found out about you and your amazing website/art class/skills/etc from my friend Shannon Manning. I am so glad she told me about this! I am starting a joy school for my 3 year old and Shannon gave me an outline that you had given to her. She thought you wouldn't mind if I used some of your ideas that you had! I wanted to thank you for the headstart you have given me for our joy school. I'm excited to incorporate these art projects into our school. Thanks again!

  4. What a simple, yet great idea. Thanks!

  5. I wish we had time right now to be keeping up with you, but I can't wait to do these projects. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. I'm a day behind already this week, with sick kids still. I am looking forward to doing this lesson later today, it looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. My kids are having so much fun with your art class! They don't stop once the "class" is over -- they practice on their easels with chalk and dry erase markers and continue on with what they have learned once the paintbrushes have been put away -- thank you once again for inspiring my little artists!

  8. I have a book where there's a line that stretches continuously through the whole book...now I know what project we'll be doing with it.