Liquid Watercolor

I love liquid watercolor.  My kids and I have used it for a variety of different purposes.  We love to drop it on diffuser paper and watch all the colors spread.  We have also dipped q-tips in it to make pointillism paintings similar to Georges Seurat.  We have sprayed them out of spray bottles.  We have also just simply dipped our paintbrush into them and painted.  One of my favorite online art supply stores is Discount School Supply.  I could spend a whole week just talking about that store.  Last year I invested in their entire liquid watercolor kit which costs $100.  We used it for a variety of projects in my summer art class.  I love it.  You can buy the individual colors for $3 each.  For the purposes of my class you only really need 3 colors: red, yellow and blue.  We will only be using liquid watercolor for 1 project in the class but I highly recommend having liquid watercolor on hand at home to use on a regular basis.

If you take a closer look at the picture of the kit above you will see some of the possibilites the liquid watercolors could be used for.  They have droppers which are so fun to watch colors bleed in each other.  You can put them in spray bottles for a fun effect.  You can also put them into bottles with a sponge tip just like the do-a-dots that kids love.  There are so many possibilities.

 Liquid watercolor paint works great for stamps!  Discount School Supply sells empty stamp cartridges to fill with liquid watercolor.
 Discount also sells a lot of different varieties of diffuser paper.
 The picture below is a better image of the droppers.  If you get the watercolor you have to invest in the droppers too!  You can get a set of 12 for $2.99.

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  1. I love discount school supply too they are so great! Got our clay yesterday can't wait to play with it today.

    I'll let you know when I post about it :)