Oh Happy Day!

Today I received my package from Stubby Pencil Studio and I was like a little kid on Christmas!  I LOVE everything.  I am VERY impressed with the quality of the products.  The art supplies are top of the line.  The smencils are so fun my husband and I want to hide them from the kids and use them ourselves.  I love the art aprons.... I have had my eye out for cute "boyish" aprons for a few years and when I saw these I just died.  They are made from cotton with an acrylic coating that makes them wipeable.  The material is so much nicer than oilcloth, I love them.  The little zipper bags are made out of the same material, and they are much larger than I was expecting (8.5" x 11").  We can fit a lot of art supplies in them!  I am so in love with the banner!  It also more than exceeded my expectations. I did not realize the banner is 38 feet long with 24 flags on it!  They used 12 different fabrics to make up the banner.  It is so "boyish" it is even called the "Cool Boys" banner!  I was just going to use it for birthday parties but it is so cute that it is going right up in my son's room as a permanent decoration.  For those of you that have girls.....  you should see the girly banner called "Fresh Apple."  Check it out, it is so cute!  They also have adorable girly aprons and zipper pockets.  I am just so impressed and in love with everything!

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