I find it almost humorous how many different types of paintbrushes there are out there.  There is a paintbrush for every possible purpose an artist could think of.  There are brushes made of all different types of animal hair such as badger hair, pig hair, squirrel hair, and weasel hair.... to name a few.  Some artists prefer courser hair and others prefer more fine.  Then there is a broad range of synthetic paintbrushes that are generally categorized as firm, medium and soft.  All of this can be important to a professional artist but it is pretty meaningless to children.  I recommend that you provide your child with a variety of different types of brushes of all sizes and textures for experimentation.  Since kids can be pretty rough with paintbrushes I do not recommend investing in very expensive ones.  I personally stock up on sets at places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  The sets are affordable and have a variety of different paintbrushes to experiment with.

 I currently have my eyes on these Da Vinci Junior Synthetic Brushes from Dick Blick.

I also recommend buying larger brushes like these.  They are great for quickly covering an entire canvas with a wash of color or other techniques such as dry brushes.  

Lasly, we find brushes like these quite handy as well....

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