The PDF is DONE!

 I am so thrilled to say that the PDF for the entire class is complete and ready to purchase!  I decided instead of two PDFs I would combine them and make ONE BIG PDF.  I can't believe it turned out to be 57 pages, I am a nut!  Also, I have great news....... I decided to lower the price of the PDF (at least temporarily) for those of you that suggested that I lower the price and offer less copies.  So for now the PDF costs $15, and you are allowed to make 3 copies instead of 4 (1 for yourself, and 2 to share with friends).   If you are wondering how it works to purchase the PDF..... you click on the "Buy Now" button on the ride side bar which takes to you paypal.  Once you make your purchase the PDF is automatically emailed to your inbox within minutes.

So I have a little change of plans for today and I hope you will forgive me for making you wait one more day to see the next project.  I only have 4 days of posts this week and I thought I would take today to evaluate the class and take a little breather.  We are officially half way through the class right now.  Since this whole online art class is a BIG EXPERIMENT I would like to take a step back and evaluate how we are doing.

I received an email from a gal named Patti and she said, "I would love to hear from moms about how their children are doing compared to what they thought would happen."  I agree.  What have you learned about your children through these projects and how have your expectations changed?

One of my main goals for this class was to educate parents..... to open their eyes to art materials and projects that teach art concepts that are process oriented.  I hoped to give parents the confidence to continue making art with their children long after this class is over.  Do you feel like you are learning and gaining confidence through this experience?

If you have any thoughts you would like to share I would appreciate it.  I am sure that I have some hesitant readers out there that are lacking the confidence to dive in and teach their children about art, what advice would you give to them?

Before I sign off.....  I thought it would be fun to give you a little sneak peak into some of the Bonus Projects that are on the PDF.  So fun!

See you tomorrow to start our week all about Shapes!


  1. we are really enjoying your class, and although we havent made all the projects (mostly because my daughter is too young, she's 2) we have made some variations and I am keeping all the ideas for later use.
    Also for other parents of younger kids I just wanted to recommend the book "First Art : Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos". It is super useful, and easy and fun.
    As a parent, I have been trying to just let her DO, instead of trying to impose my way (having a graphic design background i have some difficulty with this, :)

  2. My son is 4 and I honestly thought he'd be a little more excited about the paints. He doesn't realize that we actually have nice paints now instead of the regular crayola stuff!! However, he really is enjoying the painting. He's been a bit more interested in learning about the artists than I thought he would be.
    Unfortunately he wasn't feeling great the first week so he didn't want to follow the directions. It's been quite a lesson for me to just let him do his art! I've found that if I paint along with him it is a lot easier to just let him be. I'm learning how relaxing painting can be!

  3. I have a 5 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. We bought two canvases and some paint and they were so excited! I wanted to do the line project with them but since this was our first time they really just wanted to try it out themselves. So I thought I would just give them paint and let them go! They both loved it!! The 2 year old was so careful trying all the colors and he filled most the space on the canvas. It was really pretty and colorful, but as he went along he wouldn't let me rinse his brush so it turned more and more brown with mixed paint. I should have taken the painting away at this point because it was seriously beautiful but then he just started swirling his brush around and basically turned the whole thing brown....sad..... I wish I would have had another black paper ready to trade him before he ruined his painting. Would that have been fair to take it away? I struggled with my feeling about this. Anyway, the following day I let him add some color on top and it turned out a bit better. I really wanted to hang them up in their room.

    Anyway, overall it was a good experience. We are going to do a whole painting theme birthday party for the 5 year old next week because he is loving it so much!

  4. Hi Dani,
    I also have the same "problem" Amy had with her 2 year child.
    Max loves to paint! and I just love when he uses his bright colors, but at some point he just wants to keep adding and adding colors and of course everything turns dark and brownish...it is sad, Amy is right! What should we do? just take the paint out of their hands? feel so pitiful to do that... it seem they just enjoy to paint, I don't want him to feel judge on what he is doing, but it is so beautiful at the beginning and then... do not what to do..any suggestions?
    by the way, we just love your class! thank you so much for this great opportunity!

  5. I want to thank you all for your comments it is so fun to hear your feedback. I love the comment about how the kids just want to paint and paint and then it turns into a big brownish painting. That is all too familiar to me. That is pretty typical for children that are younger than 4 years old or are just painting for the first time. Young children just want to experiment and they really don't care what the final outcome is. And that is just fine but I say that if their painting looks great and you know that if you let them keep painting it is going to ruin it - then take it away and replace it with another paper or canvas. If the child seems upset about it then you can give it back but in my experience the child is quite proud of their artwork if their parents LOVE it too. Another thing you may want to consider is only giving the child two colors to paint with at a time when he/she is working on a painting that you really want to hang up. Any two complimentary colors will turn brown when mixed together so try not to give them complimentary colors.

    I have found it interesting how many parents have told me that the hardest thing is to step back and not impose. You are doing the right thing by not imposing (though I do think sometimes it is ok to pull the painting away if it looks fabulous and you know your child is about to turn it into a puddle of mud).

    Many of my friends have been telling me some funny stories about how messy painting can be! I too have had some funny stories at my house over the last few weeks - including green paint on my white carpet that I can't get out. AHHHHH!

    Just don't give up! The more you allow your child to experiment and express their own creativity, the sooner you will see progress and development in their art skills. You are smart to be cautious and to try not to interfere - young children need little direction and needs lots of encouragement.

    Please continue to share your thoughts.


  6. I feel like I've gained alot of confidence in teaching my own kids. Its been alot of fun. We are in Northern Utah and the weather these past few weeks has been awful. I have plans to do most of the acrylic stuff outside, and my plans have been ruined with the snow. Thank you so much for lowering the price of the PDF's. I'm going to purchase them now, because I feel like its too good of a deal to pass up! I've just been taking notes so far.
    I really think I'll be able to take off with our projects this summer when we have more time. My 8 year old get home from school at 4pm and I don't feel like I want him to do "class" type stuff when he's been doing that all day, know what I mean?
    I feel so confident, I'm toying around with the idea of offering a art type class to the neighbor kids this summer!
    Thanks Dani, we appreciate you!!!

  7. My 6 year old and 4 year old twins now chant every day "I love art!" I have really enjoyed this experience with them. I have loved bonding with them through art because they are the ones in charge of what they create. They are the artists. I teach, and then set them free. My 4 year old son who I thought was struggling in preschool is suddenly now more confident and bringing home his schoolwork that is finished instead of his previously blank pages with just a few scratchs of crayon on them. It has only been a few art lessons too. We have taped drop cloth over the kitchen table, placed newspaper under each of their workstations, and used washable paint. So far, no catastrophies, and I am a major clean-freak- perfectionist. (With twin boys, heaven help me.) Dani, please continue to do this. I hope you continue to give us even more age appropriate ideas to do with our children. I have always loved art, but didn't get a degree in it, so I absolutely love what you are giving to us. What a gift you are to us. My kids have come alive and their self confidence has skyrocketed. I feel like I am doing something great as a mother (instead of just sending them outside to play), so please continue to be our "muse" and inspire us to do great things with our families! Thank you so much!! I can't tell you how much good you have done for our family! Please contiune creating and inspiring others to do the same!

  8. I completely agree with the sentiments expressed above. I too struggled with trying not to impose on the kiddos art, and have found that when I create my own along with them, they are more eager to work hard to complete their project (rather than rushing thru it in 2 mintues) and I am distracted by what I'm doing and tend not to oversee their work too much, thus giving them a chance to completely express themselves. The past couple of weeks have been incredible! I have watched my 3 year old go from being virtually uninterested in painting to asking if she could make a second or third painting once she worked so hard to complete her first. The girls' confidence has soared and I have seen them dig right in and not care so much about getting messy! I know this has been an enormous amount of work on your part, but I would love it if you would continue to post new projects every now and then or host another class this summer! Even just seeing what you and your boys have been creating would be extremely helpful! Thank you for introducing us to wonderful new materials that I never would have found on my own. The biopaint is amazing. I can't get over the color and the feel of the marble painting we did with it! So excited to see what is ahead the next few weeks and to do the art exhibition! We are "hiding" our masterpieces and are going to surprise daddy with a fabulous showing at the end! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

  9. I have the hardest time stepping back and just letting my 4 year old do his thing when it's not really "part of the lesson". He is getting better at following directions and I am getting a little better at not hovering so much. It's great to see him get excited about art, something he's never been too interested in before. Thank you!

  10. I just want to say that your comments mean so much to me. I am just in tears from reading them. Thank you so much for telling me about your children and how you have seen them grow and develop confidence and enthusiasm through art. That is priceless and it makes every second of my efforts worth it. Thank you so much for sharing.


  11. Dani,
    I just ordered the pdf and love it! I will use the copies for gifts to friends along with a few art materials! I know how much effort you put into these lessons and agree with those following you should keep going! It is great to see quality projects with a wide variety of art materials for young children! Have you done a printmaking monoprint? There are endless ideas right? I will keep following along. Thanks for getting parents into art with their kids! Great job.
    :) Patti

  12. I just wanted to let you know that my daughter LOVES learning. She loves having her own little things to read, study, paint, etc. Your class has been so amazing for our family. It's gotten me on track with doing more home-school-pre-school stuff with her, and just has made me a better mom in general.

    My daughter has fun painting, but she's also so proud of her work and loves showing her Papa when he gets home from work.

    As a parent, I've definitely learned more about art supplies. Honestly, we've only had crayons and a little tray of paints that doesn't work at all. It's been exciting and challenging to go looking for things to enhance our art supplies.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! PLEASE keep doing the class. I know it must be a ton of work, but it's awesome!


  13. Hi Dani,

    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I've been following your class for the last few weeks. I have a little girl who just turned four and I've had a few other kids who have participated in some of the projects with us. I haven't done every project every day, but I've read them all and they have inspired me to create similar projects that will work for our situation. I like to do an art project or craft with the kids at least 2-3 times a week as part of our "school time" routine, and these have been a lot of fun!

    I'll share a re-occurring moment with you from our projects: My little girl has been a little obsessed with symmetry lately. Every time we make a painting on paper (whether it's with paintbrushes, sponges, string, etc.) she likes to take her paper and fold it in half...sometimes two or three times. She always unfolds it and is very happy with her new work! ;) I thought it might make you smile.

    Thanks so much for all your work! This class is awesome!