Questions and Answers

Over the weekend I received some questions from a teacher who is not only participating in the art class with her children, but she is also doing these projects with her preschool students as well.  I am thrilled that she is putting these art lessons to good use!  She had some questions for me and I thought I would answer them here on the blog incase anyone else had the same questions.

Q: Do you demonstrate the whole process of a painting to your children before a project?
A:  It depends on the project..... sometimes I demonstrate the painting first, sometimes we do a project side by side, and other times they just jump right in and figure it out along the way.

Q: Do you show pictures of paintings as visual aids?
A: Visual aids are great!  I am always googling different paintings to show my kids as references, or pulling out my art history books.  We also go to art museums at least 3 times a year and I think that is a great way to open their minds to all the different possibilities.  My advice is..... whenever you show visual aids try to choose a variety of examples to show different interpretations of the same idea.

Q: What do you do if a student does not want to follow directions?
A: Honestly, if the child does not want to do the project or follow the directions then just allow them to do whatever they want.  You do not want to push a child's creative buttons - it only stifles their creativity.

Q: Do your children understand the concept that things further away are smaller?
A:  I did not introduce the concept of perspective until my oldest son turned 5.  It is still a bit over his head.  I think lots of visual aids help the concept sink in over time.

Q: Do you do art projects back - to - back or do you spread them out throughout the day?  
A:  Most days my kids are not doing structured art projects.  I leave out art supplies and paper everyday and without fail they use them everyday.  However, during the time of year when I am doing these structured art classes we generally do as much as they want to in one setting, and call it good for the day.

Q: Do you suggest just giving the kids the primary colors and always letting them mix their own colors?
A: Though that would definitely help the child to learn all about color mixing, I generally pull out lots of paint colors unless I am teaching about the color wheel.

If you want to add any of your own thoughts to mine please comment below.....


  1. My wife is hooked! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! This is so much healthier than her last obsession--Baking! And art supplies are much cheaper than bigger clothes. Oh yeah, and our four year is turning out to be quite the natural ... he's got Fredette's head popping out of a blue airplane (I wondered where my sports page went)! Keep up the good work Mrs Dani...

  2. Our family has had so much fun this week! Thank you Dani! You have opened a whole new world for us! I've found that out of my three children (4 year old twin boys and a 6 year old girl), the one who doesn't follow the "rules" or instructions has come up with some of the most original artwork -- it is amazing what these little children can create! I love seeing their individual style come through on the canvas, and as their mother, I have loved connecting with them through art -- just relax and enjoy the fun, I love that it is not a competition of who finishes first or that there is a winner in the end, everyone can be their true self and appreciated!