Some fun things.....

Are you familiar with the PTA's Reflections Contest?  My oldest son is in kindergarten and so this is his first year participating in the Reflection's Contest in school.  He submitted an acrylic painting of a rocket ship last Fall and we were so thrilled when he was one of eight children from his school that advanced to the Council level.  The picture above is of our family at the Council Recognition Night back in December.  Liam's amazing principal came to the recognition night and Liam was no nervous to see him there - he he.  He is in the picture with our family above.  Yesterday we found out that Liam's painting advanced from Council to State.  Liam's principal is quite proud to have a little kindergartener advance to the state level.  We are quite proud too.  This has been so fun for Liam.  Let's just hope it does not set him up for disappointment in the future if he does not advance again.  Either way it is so fun to be apart of the Reflection's Contest.  I think that it is an amazing program that encourages young children across the whole nation to be creative and share their work.  

A couple other things.....  I was so flattered when the cute girls over at Bloom wanted to interview me for their blog.  I could not pass up the opportunity.  The interview was just posted today, you can read it here.  I love their blog and their focus on family.  

Lastly,  I am so stink'n nervous.  My local news station asked me to come on to their show tomorrow and show the 3 abstract art projects for kids that I posted on Design Mom.  Hello, me on tv???  I hope I don't spill paint all over the set.  This is fun and crazy.  I keep reminding myself that I am just a mom to 3 wonderful boys and that my focus on my children is why I am doing this whole art class to begin with.  This is crazy but I am just rolling with it because before I know it this class will be over and we will be onto our next crazy adventure - soccer season!  As much as my kids love art - they would choose soccer over art any day.  BOYS!  Anywho, if you live in Utah check out KSL's Studio 5 at 11:00am tomorrow.  It is live - scary!

Well I better get back to my kids that seem to have gotten into the ice cream and chocolate syrup at 10:00am.  

I am currently working on more information about the specific products on the material's list for the class.    Posts to come soon.


  1. way to go Liam! Holy cow man!
    Loved the article over at Bloom - I tell you this every time I see you. You are amazing!
    Can't wait for class to start. Still need to buy a few things. Where should I go shopping at?

  2. What a great painting. Congrats to Liam and his mom! I also loved the article at Bloom. Good luck on your TV spot today. Looking forward to watching in online later.