Stubby Pencil Studio

I can't even express how happy I am to have Stubby Pencil Studio as a sponsor during my online art class.  I have fallen in love with their art supplies and aprons and books and even toys.  My boy's Easter baskets are going to be decked out in Stubby Pencil Studio products and I just can't wait to get them in the mail!  My good friends know that I love children's toys just as much as I love art supplies.  I had to get three of those cute little tooth containers - one for each of my boys to leave out for the tooth fairy!  I also fell in love with the art aprons and art supply zipper bags - I picked one for each of my boys for Easter.  I also thought the adorable banner would come in handy soon as two of my boys have upcoming Birthdays.  I can't wait to hang those banners up!  I am also way excited about the smelly colored pencils, aka "smencils."  My boys are going to want to color all day with those.  I also love their crayons and paints and graphite pencils.  I highly recommend checking out all of the products at Stubby Pencil Studio.  It is my favorite new store, and I love how environmentally friendly they are!

This is what the owner of the store had to say about her products:

"Stubby Pencil Studio offers eco friendly kids art supplies. You'll find crayons made from natural sources, like soy and beeswax - not petroleum; sketchbooks made from 100% recycled paper - not virgin trees; pencils made from sustainably harvested wood and recycled newspapers - not dying forests. Stubby Pencil Studio has a wide selection of aprons and tools, all sorts of color and graphite pencils, craft kits, even watercolor crayons and is a unique source for creative gifts and party favors that kids will love."

I hope you fall in love with Stubby Pencil Studio too!

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