Tempera Paint

Tempera Paint is an excellent art medium for young children who are painting for the first time.  It is very economical, and water soluble and it is available in lots of fun colors.  Tempera paint is typically made of powdered pigment, egg yolk (as a binder), and water.  I would love to make my own line of tempera someday - sigh.  I have tried a wide variety of different tempera paints and they are all pretty much the same thing.  At our house we mostly use Lakeshore Learning's brand.

I want to invest in their Gallon size bottles - but I have no idea where I would store them in my little house.

They also have washable tempera, but I prefer the non-washable because it has a better texture and looks nicer.  You can add a few drops of dish soap to regular tempera to make it more washable.

I love that Lakeshore also has skin-colored paint.

And what child does not like glitter paint?

Lakeshore also has great fingerpaint!

My friends know I am pretty much obsessed with Lakeshore Learning.  I trek down to their store A LOT and it is over a half an hour away from me!

And that finishes all of my posts about all the materials needed for the class - FEW!  I hope all of these posts have been informational.  

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  1. So, so, so excited about this! Just posted about it on my newly created blog. Can't wait, and thank you!