Thank you!

Wow, thank you for your comments.  I feel so much better!  I would like to address some of the questions, which I am so thankful for!

Q: We are on a tight budget, what affordable paint do you recommend?
A: Definitely go for tempera paint - especially for a 3 year old child.  It is $2 a bottle or less.  It may not be as beautiful as acrylic paint but it still makes beautiful paintings and is great for young learners!

Q: I am a little bit behind, how am I going to keep up next week?
A:  I realize that I packed a lot of information into one week - I wanted to give parents options so they could choose their favorite projects or the ones that applied to their child's age following along.  I hope you do not feel like you have to do all of them!  My good friend - who knew I would way over-pack the class told me that I needed to simplify because some parents are good with making only one project per week.  Believe it or not this is as simplified as I could go, I had so many more ideas that I wanted to share!  Just pick your favorites and save the rest for the summer!

Q: Art supplies are expensive, what do you recommend for teachers on a classroom budget?
A: Honestly, I think one good quality art project is worth more than a bunch of cheap projects.  I am going into my son's Kindergarten class the week before Mother's Day and the kids will all be making paintings for their moms on canvas panels.  I am paying for all of the supplies myself and I am doing it for less than $40 for 25 paintings that their moms will LOVE!  I wish every child could paint at least 1 nice painting every year at school.

Q:  We are going to be following along with a group of 10 kids, where do you recommend laying artwork to dry?
A:  HA!  That is a great question!  You should see my house at the end of an art class!  There is artwork covering every inch of my counters and floors in my kitchen!  I really need to invest in one of these drying racks!

Q: How long will your PDF be available to purchase?
A:  It will probably be available through the end of April, maybe longer!

I love your questions and comments!

Check out this poster made by one of the DADs following along.  It totally made my day.  This guy must be a hairy - chested hunk!  And look at that house, I would buy it!


  1. Thank you! I have some Michael's coupons, I'll go today!


  2. Ha! Is that a "chip" on his shoulder?!

  3. So excited! We have been following along for the last couple of weeks, and have made some fun art this week. We finally were able to purchase the pdf's, so we can follow along at our own speed. My daughter is only 3, so i think we will spend the rest of the month just focusing on all the color activities and literature (we found them all at the library). Next month we will move onto the lines portion (I am saving up for the spinner!). Thank you so much for all the time you have put into this project! It has been so fun for both of us to pull out a new type of paint to explore with this week! The projects are so creative, and a great way for children to visually see the colors change from primary to secondary... In fact, today i asked my little girl what are the primary colors and she stared at me for a little bit and then said, "red, blue, and yellow and they make purple green and orange".... Thanks again i wish you all the success you can handle in this new adventure, and look forward to all your future 'online art classes'!

  4. Ok I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought the pdfs, woohoo!!!! Thanks a million!!!

  5. This is an incredible website and I am so happy to have found it! I went to Michaels today! We will start a week late but I am excited about the PDFs and plan to do Day 1 tomorrow!!