Utah's Studio 5

 I am so relieved that I did not totally embarrass myself on tv yesterday.  I have had some pretty embarrassing moments in my life and I did not want to add live tv to my list.  I was so nervous, but my friends tell me I did not seem nervous - that is a miracle!  My sweet husband, parents and mother-in-law showed up to support me.  It was so fun to have them there, they are the best.  The hosts of Studio 5 were so nice and made me feel so welcome there.  They want me to send them more ideas and come back to the show.  I can't believe it.  If you want to see the segment click here.

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures we took there....


I am currently working on a post all about acrylic paint!  Only 10 days until the first day of my online art class!


  1. you totally didn't work nervous at all - plus you were awesome. congrats!

  2. What a great segment! I loved that you showed the paste and gel - both products most Moms wouldn't know about or think to use with their kids. SUPER fun!

  3. It was so fun to see you on Studio5 !! I loved the segment, and I can't wait to start an art project with Morgan! We would love to get together with you guys sometime. We need to catch-up.

    P.S. Is Liam interested in selling some of his art? ;)

  4. you were awesome! I have friends doing the art class now in Idaho! You are amazing! I want to come watch one of your shows!

  5. Wow Dani! I just watched the segment, awesome job! Way to make art fun for kids! Being an art major myself I'm totally excited about using these ideas with my kids. I totally wouldn't have thought of these things on my own. Kudos to you!

  6. So great, Dani!! You are doing some amazing things!! Good luck with it all!