Watercolor Paints

I recommend using watercolor in tubes for some of the projects we will be doing in the class.  There is a huge difference in quality between the water-color sets you see in the kid's art aisle at Target and the tube sets you can buy at art supply stores.  It is amazing what a difference a little nicer paint makes in the overall appearance of a piece of art.  My kids use this set that I bought at Michaels.  Can you tell that I spend a lot of time at Michaels?  Watercolor is a perfect medium for children because it is not mixed with toxins and it cleans nicely off of hands and brushes.  I paid about $6 for our set of Reeve's watercolors, it is well worth spending a few extra dollars.


  1. Thanks so much for your question Emily.... yes I will be linking back to my posts about the materials whenever they are used for projects.


  2. I have really enjoyed reading more about all of the materials you recommend. I've wanted to add to my kids' art supply for some time but have been overwhelmed by the choices. Your posts really simplify things!

    I had a really great time shopping for supplies this morning and can't wait for class to start on Monday!