Art Class Day 14

I just came across a very thought provoking article about the importance of art for children and I want to share it with you.  It was written by Diana Mercer, the owner of Darling Clementine.  Read the article here.  As I was reading, my jaw dropped and I just wanted to hug Diana right through the computer.  Amazing.  I encourage you to read the article and to adopt her 4 "answers" for those that feel like they are lacking creativity.  They are: find your voice, fearlessness, confidence, and divergent thinking.  Do you love challenges?  I do.  I extend a challenge to you today to take a good look at your parenting style and think of ways that you can encourage creative thinking at home.  I love this quote from the article,

"The natural state of childhood is open, inquisitive, fearless, and creative. It isn’t until judgment, comparison, and the concept of correctness enter the conversation that children begin to shut down creatively, with often-irreparable damage done to any existing creative confidence and willingness to take risks."

I too am taking the challenge!

*The suggestions for the compare and contrast activity and the instructions for the circle paintings were only available online for 48 hours.  If you would like to purchase your own personal copy of the entire Intro to Art Class which includes worksheets and BONUS projects you can purchase the class PDF.

Compare and Contrast:

Circle Painting: 

More circle art on canvas with acrylic: 


  1. Hi Dani:
    Love all the projects! Purchased PDFs but the link to Van Gogh's sunflowers didn't seem to work for me. Does the image come up right away or am I to search for it?

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