Art Class Day 15

Welcome to the last week of Intro to Art. This class has flown by hasn't it?  It sure was nice to have a little Spring Break last week.  My kids and I had such a fun week.  I am laughing at myself because I did not work on my painting that I need to finish for our exhibition this weekend.  Ahhhh!  It is crunch time.

So I saved the best week for last.....  TEXTURE is so much fun!

Week 4: Texture
This week we will be experimenting with texture in art. Texture is one of the elements of art. It is used to describe either the way a three-dimensional work actually feels to the touch or the appearance of texture in a two-dimensional work. Show a rock to your child and ask if he/she thinks it is rough or smooth? Is it hard? How would an artist try to portray this rock in a painting? A painter tries to re-create an illusion of these qualities through color, line, shape, etc. That is the appearance of texture in a two-dimensional piece of art. Or an artist can attach actual rocks, dirt or sand to the work. Artists often add paper and different materials to their work to add real texture, making their work three-dimensional. Whether you are adding real texture or the appearance of texture to your painting, there are many different and fun ways to experiment with the use of texture in art.

This week’s goals:
1. Have fun creating texture with objects around your house. 
2. Experiment with texture brushes. 
3. Learn to create the appearance of texture in a painting, and experiment with adding actual texture to a painting such as material or paper. 
4. Learn about the artist Van Gogh and his thick applications of paint, “impasto.” 
5. Experiment with acrylic molding paste and light molding paste.

This week’s projects:
Create texture with paint and objects 
Make a painting with textured rollers 
Hatched line abstract painting 
Art History: Vincent Van Gogh, make a Sunflowers painting 
Make a collage painting
There are also 2 BONUS projects for this week on the Class PDF.

Now to today's project......

*This project was only available online for 48 hours.  If you would like more information you are welcome to purchase my class PDF which includes all of the projects for this online class plus bonus projects (35 projects total).  To find out more click here.

Texture with Objects:

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