Art Class Day 17

My 17 month old son has discovered how to climb on the table and get to the art supplies.  Oh boy.  Can you tell he is adored by his older brother?  I just had to show this picture.

So here is today's art project.....

Hatched Line Abstract Art: 

See you back here tomorrow to learn about Van Gogh and to make a textured sunflower painting!


  1. That first picture is darling! Thanks for sharing!
    I must admit, this and yesterday's project are the ones I'm looking most forward to doing!

    I think you need to do a tutorial on those fabulous frames! They look so great! Did you paint or spray paint them?

  2. Liam's painting is awesome!! I would love that in my home. I think I'm going to give one a try myself for above my kitchen cabinets. We are planning a trip to the UMFA too. So excited!

  3. Thanks for your cute comments.... I painted the frames with eggshell white paint from Lowe's paint section. I think spray paint would have gone much faster but would have cost probably twice the amount of money. I will do a tutorial after the class is over - I am so in love with them.

  4. Awesome art and super terrific frame. I'm wondering the best way to frame my kids' pieces when we do the class (WE START ON FRIDAY!!) - hopefully your idea will work for me too.