Art Exhibition Ideas!

I can't wait for our Art Exhibition Night.  I can't believe it is already next weekend!  My friend Lynette is an amazing party planner.  She is always on the lookout for great art party ideas and when she finds something she loves online she sends me the link.  She found most of the links I am showing you today. Here are some great ideas for you.....

I love the colorful balloons and streamers at this party.  Oh and I love the paint palette cake and cookies too!

Check out this dessert table, it is amazing.

These vellum mobiles are a piece of art in themselves and would be a fabulous decoration for an art exhibition night or art birthday party.

This is a party worth checking out too.

I like this colorful pinwheel invitation idea.

This looks like a fun art party.  I think the buckets that look like spilt paint were quite creative.

Check out the party favor aprons at this party.

I love the fruit and chips organized in rainbow order at this party.

I love the colorful dum dums and other candies at this party.

These felt art pouches would be a great gift for the little artists.

Check out this unique twist on cupcakes, don't all kids love fruity pebbles and marshmallows?

As you may know..... I fell in love with One Charming Party's "Art Gallery Party PDF" and purchased the printables to use for our Art Exhibition Night.  We used their invitation printable, and they are already sent in the mail!

I love these colorful paper frames that were part of the PDF.  I gave each child a different color frame and that is their "color" for the Exhibition Night.  Each child has drawn their self-portrait in the frame and it will be displayed on their table with the rest of their art.  Each child's table will have a table cloth in that child's color and a jar of candy in their color on their table.  Also, I asked each child to wear their color that night.

Lynette was so sweet to make lots and lots of colorful paper chains to use as decoration for the Exhibition.

I love the idea of using the cupcake toppers as garland for the party.  We are going to attach the circles to string and hang them.

I love this big frame photo op idea.  I need to get my hands on a big frame and paint it!

We are also going to be using balloons to make the party more colorful too.

If you have any other art exhibition ideas I would love it if you would send them my way!


  1. http://www.artful-adventures.co.uk/2011/03/27/childrens-art-jotters/




    I love a good Party Danielle! I posted a few more links of some more fun ideas! Can't wait to see pictures of yours!!!

  2. What great ideas! I can't wait to see pictures of yours. Question....how did you get all the art stuck to your fence at last year's exhibition night?

  3. Britney-

    Oh my heck I LOVE you!!! Thank you for sharing those links with me. I loved every single one!!! They are in my permanent list of favorite art party ideas now! Thank you VERY much for sharing!


    That is a good question! We used velcro to attach the artwork to the fence. It worked great, especially considering it was such a windy day! They sell velcro in little squares at home improvement stores. It can off the fence great - but I do not think it would come off as easily for a wood fence. Thanks for your question.


  4. We're planning to use the frame photo idea for our church Mother-Daughter salad supper this year. Thanks for sharing this photo.