Intro to Art Exhibition Night

I am so excited to share pictures of our Art Exhibition Night!  It was unforgettable.  I know the kids were so proud of themselves and I could see it in their faces.  It was amazing to see how different all of the art was.  I love how each child had their own interpretation of the different projects.  I just can't even explain how neat it was for me to see all of the artwork on display.  I was so proud.  So our exhibition was only 1 hour, which sounds short but I actually think it was the perfect amount of time.  We had parents and grandparents and friends and neighbors and cousins show up to support the little artists.  Each child had a different colored table and a treat in their color on the table.  Besides those treats we had cupcakes and cookies and water bottles.  We used the cupcake toppers from the One Charming Party "Art Gallery Party PDF" to decorate the water bottles and to hang on ribbon for decoration.  My good friend Lynette put together the longest paper chain you will ever see - I love her!  I blew up some of my pictures of art supplies to use as decor on the dessert table.  I also blew up a picture of the class at the art museum and put it on an easel.  Oh and we had lots of balloons which the kids went crazy playing with after the exhibition was over.

This is our family that came to support our boys (minus my brother-in-law that showed up after this picture was taken).  They are the best!

This is at the beginning of our little program when I was telling about the whole experience and trying to hold back tears the whole time.  How embarrassing!

Each child came up and showed their favorite piece of art that they made and why it was their favorite.  They said the cutest things, it was just adorable.  For example this painting below was his favorite because it looked like a dragon.  

My son Liam picked his rocket-ship painting to show everyone.  He is very proud of it because he was the only child from his elementary school who's piece of art advanced 4 times to the State level in the PTA Reflection's contest this year.  He actually received a special award last night for his painting by our County School Board.  It was a special night I hope to show you pictures.  I am a very proud mom.

I have to admit I was so amazed when my often shy son Lance (at least in front of crowds) was begging to get up and tell everyone about his painting.  He spoke so loud and clear and told everyone exactly how he made this painting by spreading molding paste, brushing a comb through the paste, letting it dry, then painting it.  Lastly he said, "then we went home." Which made me laugh because we were home when we made it.  I just could not believe that he actually remembered all the details of how we made the painting, I guess he really was paying attention.

This cute mom, Nickie, drove all the way down from Idaho to be a part of the exhibition with her girls.  I was so thrilled to have them join us and to get to know her!

 Here are some of the kids in front of their tables.

What a fun night!

Oh and I wanted to mention that I spoke too soon when I said I would be raising the PDF back up to it's full price ($20) yesterday.  I am selling the PDF as a fundraiser for my son's school this week to help buy art supplies and I decided to keep the PDF at $15 at least through this Friday for the sake of the fundraiser.  Sorry for the false alarm.


  1. CUTE! Questions....I am going to be doing our exhibition night in our church gym too. We have those rough walls like it looks like you do....I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to velcro paintings onto the walls? It looks like you have some stuck on the walls...how did you make them stick? Where did you get all those little easels to prop up the pictures? Did you have the kids stand at their tables while people perused the art? Sorry, so many questions! It all looks so fun. Can't wait for ours!

  2. This looks like SO much fun! We've really enjoyed many of your projects. Also, I thought you'd like to know that you have totally inspired me to host a science class this summer. ;)


  3. What a fabulous exhibition!! I So want to do one of these in the summer. Maybe when my little baby is a bit older. We did do a birthday part two weeks ago which was a little art party and we did a mini sized exhibition at the end for parents as well. Ours was also at a church and we were able to tape a lot of our pictures on the wall. Even the canvases went up with some duct tape. This exhibition you did is FABULOUS!! I wish you could teach my children. Thanks again for sharing the pictures. Also, the picture frames are beautiful! They highlight the artwork so well.

  4. dani, this was such a fun night. thanks again you are awesome!!! love you.

  5. What a fantastic evening! Looks like so much fun! (I LOVE to throw themed parties so this is right up my alley). The framed art looks so wonderful. I also really love how the kids each had a colored table and wore colors to match! Fun stuff!

  6. Dani, I can't thank you enough for giving me the resources to provide such a wonderful intro to art to my kiddos this spring. Thank you for inspiring us to have an art exhibition night too. We just had ours this past week and it was so much fun! It was so exciting to see the kids eyes sparkle when they spoke about their artwork! I thought you might like to take a peek at our exhibition: