Lakeshore Learning Part 2

I hope you are enjoying my Lakeshore Learning shopping trip!  I have some more great products to show you.   When my son Lance turned 3 we decided to have a play dough Birthday party since he LOVED play dough.  I knew that Lakeshore Learning had the BEST play dough tools, so I stocked up on all of my favorites for the party.  It was the easiest birthday party I have ever thrown, and the kids had a blast with all of the fun tools.  So today I thought I would highlight one of my favorite sections of Lakeshore Learning - the play dough section!

Before I show you the fun tools....  I thought you would be amazed at their variety of clays and doughs!

They even have scented dough!

I really want these huge tubs of dough - am I crazy?

Have you ever tried model magic?  I LOVE it!

This is serious clay for making some awesome sculptures, I want me some....

This Classroom Clay and Dough Kit is one of my favorite things I own.  It is awesome!  It has 40 different play dough tools in it.  My kids pull out our set all the time.

This is a peak inside the box.

We also have these wooden dough rollers and they are well loved by my kids as well.

Lakeshore Learning also has tubs of a variety of different dough cutters.

 Do you have one of these dough machines?  We gave these out as party favors and they were quite a hit!

Check out some more play dough tools below....

At Lakeshore they do not stop at play dough....  they have many products to keep your little sculptors busy....

I LOVE this foam!

 Moon sand is so cool.

Wikki sticks are great for making figures with as well.

I also wanted to show you some of the products Lakeshore Learning sells for organizing art supplies...

These plastic tubs are great for storing pom poms, sequins, buttons, googly eyes and all of those little art supplies.  I love storing my art supplies in clear containers so that I can easily see what I need.  

I seriously have 18 of these plastic candy jar like tubs.  I store all sorts of art supplies in them.   

This would be handy.

These would be great for storing scissors, glue, pencils...

Lastly, I wanted to mention that every time you go into Lakeshore Learning they have crafts hanging over their registers.  They are always made by children.  As I mentioned in my last post, they have free crafts every Saturday at their stores.  I love this kite craft.  

I never realized before that they always have a display of the materials used for the current craft.  So here you can see a picture of a child with a kite and you can grab some craft sticks, pipe cleaners and tissues to make the craft with your children.  

The shopping trip will continue next week!


  1. It didn't dawn on me until you visited the store that they had physical stores, I just figured they were an online shop. And even better they have a store near me - so excited to visit.

  2. Ok, this totally makes me want to go over there. I'm not sure if it is good or bad that the local Lakeshore Learning is just far enough away that I can only go every couple of months or so.