Our little art class & new PDF!

*For those of your that are just checking in, my online art class is on "Spring Break" and next week I will be posting the last week of art projects for the class.  Check back this week for inspiration about throwing an amazing art exhibition night.

I know many of you were checking in during the weeks leading up to the art class as I posted lots of information about the materials for the class.  I explained what the art supplies were, which brands are my favorite and where to buy them.  My goal was to give parents as much education about the products as possible.  I decided that since I put so much work into informing my readers about art supplies, I might as well provide a personal copy to those that think it would be useful for future reference.  So starting today I am selling my Class Materials PDF for $5.  It is 27 pages long.  Right after your purchase you will automatically be emailed the PDF.  

I want to point out that I put links on my right side bar to all of the days of the online class to make it easier for you to see the projects.  I should have done that sooner, silly me.

Today I thought I would show a few random pictures from my little art class I have been holding once a week during the online class.  I knew it would be much more fun for my son if he were able to paint with his friends.  These cute kids are doing many of the class art projects with their parents at home during the week and then are coming to my house to do a few projects as well.  We went on a trip to a local art museum together (which I posted about yesterday) and we will be holding an art exhibition night in a couple of weeks.  I can't wait!!!  These kids are so cute, I just can't get enough of them!

I can't wait to share all of my favorite ideas for throwing an amazing art exhibition night!

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  1. Dani,
    I have had all the best intentions to follow along and do this art class with my kids- but life has gotten the best of me! I wish I could just have you teach them! But Utah is a little far from Virginia!
    I think I'll try to buy your PDF in the summer when things slow down a little. I think your class is absolutely amazing! Keep it up, and thanks for sharing all your great ideas.
    Take care,