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Today I am thrilled to show you "part 1" of my 3 part Lakeshore Learning shopping experience.  If you know me or have followed my blog at all you already know that Lakeshore Learning is my all time favorite store.  I instantly fell in love with their products when I was first introduced to the store about 4 years ago.  You should have seen me the first time I walked into Lakeshore Learning.  My jaw dropped as I walked through all of the aisles and saw one amazing and unique product after another.  If you are unfamiliar with Lakeshore Learning, you are in for a treat.  First and foremost, you need to order a free copy of their catalog.  Click here to order your own copy.  They have 2 main catalogs, I recommend ordering both.  I get great coupons through being on their email list so click on the box for emails while you are ordering the catalog.

Speaking of coupons, I am so happy that Lakeshore Learning has created a special coupon for my wonderful readers!  This coupon allows you to get 20% any non-sale item; and they were so generous that the coupon does not even expire until July 3rd.  You can print the coupon to use it in the store or you can use it online by typing in the code: 4431.  

I would like to tell you why Lakeshore Learning is so appealing to me.  First, I believe in the importance of play.  You will see that Lakeshore Learning sells a variety of unique toys that are high quality and educational.  Their motto is, "Products Designed with Learning in Mind." Second, Lakeshore Learning has fun products that teach EVERYTHING from science to math to reading and art and music and much more.  Third, though Lakeshore has the most incredible products, they are always coming up with new products.  Every time I go to their store I see new things that I love.  Last but not least, I am in love with their art supplies!  One of the main reasons why I taught my first art class a few years ago was so that I could earn enough money to stock up on all of the fun art supplies they sell.  Now I own almost all of their supplies.  I have never found products that beat their quality.  

 I decided to focus this shopping trip on my favorite art supplies.  

To get started, let me introduce you to my local store manager, Lindsey.  She is awesome.  Lindsey is standing next to their display of upcoming craft activities for kids.  Every Saturday Lakeshore Learning has free crafts for kids.  When you go shopping you can check out the upcoming crafts on the display and the products that will be used to make the crafts.  On Saturday May 7th, all Lakeshore Learning stores are going to be holding a "Little Artist's Workshop" from 11:00 - 3:00 where they will be doing a variety of great art projects.  You can see examples of some of the art projects they will be doing that day on the coupon pictured above.  I can't wait to take my boys to the workshop.   

Since my boys and I love to paint I thought I would highlight Lakeshore's painting products today.  Take a look at all of the different paintbrushes they have!

They also have a variety of cups with lids for storing paint.  

I want this cute paint cup carrier, it would definitely come in handy for future art classes!

 This watercolor caddy below is an incredible product that only Lakeshore Learning would think to create.  Notice the different compartments for the watercolor paints and cups with brushes in them.  This is a dream product for an art teacher.

These little paint caddies below are also really handy.

These no-spill paint cups are great.  I use them with preschool aged children and they really help contain the mess.

Those of you that followed my online art class will recognize these art smocks.  My kids wore the blue one in many pictures!  I love them and they are very affordable.  They come in different sizes and styles.

 Texture is an important part of art and Lakeshore's texture brushes are so fun.  They were also on my material's list for my spring art class.

These ones below are my favorite!

 Look at these flip-flop painters, they are so fun.

The paint aisle is beautiful isn't it?  I love how vibrant the colors are and I also love the consistency of the paint.  If you have young children you will love the washable paint.  It comes right off of everything.  

While I was shopping I forgot to take a picture of one of my favorite paint products... people colored paint!  Lakeshore also makes people colored crayons and colored pencils and paper.  What would we do without people colored paint?  It is a must.

 We go through so much of their tempera paint that it is time for me to invest in the gallons of paint.

I love how you can squirt the paint out of the big bottles with these lids.

Their finger paints are awesome and they come in every color.

 Lakeshore even has glitter paint, kids love glitter paint.

These tempera cakes are awesome.  I often give these away as birthday gifts to my kid's friends.  They are so concentrated that they seem to last forever.  

Lakeshore Learning also has face painting products.   These stampers below making face painting a breeze!

The painting section would not be complete without watercolor paints.

 These tempera paint pens are fun and unique.

This is a great finger paint starter set.  

This is a small set of tempera paint, they also sell sets of their full size bottles of paint.

 This glitter paint is a favorite at our house.  We often use it with our spinner art machine that I will post about in one of my next Lakeshore posts.

These roll on painters are one of the best products for toddlers who are just experimenting with paint for the first time.

These brush on painters are also great for young artists.

 I hope you have enjoyed learning about Lakeshore Learning's paint products.  I have a lot more fun products to share with you so check back later this week!

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  1. This is a 3 part post?!?! Yippee! Great review, I really need to put this store on my schedule next time I'm in Salt Lake.

    Thanks for the coupon too!