Lakeshore Learning Shopping Trip Part 3

I want to apologize that I am a little behind answering some of the great questions I have been asked this week.  I will get around to answering them as soon as I can.  I love your questions.

I am really looking forward to going to Lakeshore Learning's Little Artist Workshop this Saturday with my boys.  They have free crafts every Saturday but this is going to be HUGE.  They will have 4 great crafts for the kids.  It will be nice to just show up and start creating  - no prep work for me is a big plus I could get used to!  

There are a few more pictures I wanted to share with you from my Lakeshore Learning shopping trip.  I could seriously spend a whole month posting about this store.  It is a good thing I am only posting about the art section.  Don't forget to use the great 20% coupon that Lakeshore Learning made for my readers.  It is awesome and it does not expire until July 3rd.

So this is my third and final post about my Lakeshore Learning shopping trip.....

Check out Lakeshore's paper aisle.  It makes me happy.  There are so many colors to choose from.

Of course they have tissue paper too!

If you have not discovered all of their stamps you are going to love them.  My son Lance got a collection of their stamps for Christmas and he LOVES them.

We have a set of these large stamp pads.

Am I a total nerd that I am posing with an Easel?  I think so!  I know of many of you that have gone and bought this table-top easel since I went on and on about it this Spring.  I saw it in many of the pictures you sent me during the class!

Here are a variety of other easels.

Lakeshore covers all the essential art supplies.... glue, scissors, tape...

 And all the fun little accessories you could dream of: feathers, flowers, buttons, sequins, googlie eyes, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, beads, rhinestones.... you get the idea.

  Do you love do-a-dots?  My kids do.

 Here are a few other things I love....

 This spin and draw toy is so much fun.  It has kept my kids entertained for hours!

 I want every single one of these art books!  They have a great selection.

 I have used this rotating spinner machine in my last 2 art classes to teach about colors, color mixing and shapes. It is always a hit!

I use these rubbing plates to teach about texture in art.

I have used these animal stencils to teach about positive and negative shapes and as an object lesson to go with the book It Looked Like Spilt Milk.

 Lakeshore Learning carries every kind of pencil, colored pencil, marker and crayon you could think of.  These smelly markers bring me right back to my childhood - love them!

I love that Lakeshore Learning has people colored crayons, colored pencils and paper.  They are awesome!

 Here is my awesome local store manager Lindsey.  I have shopped there so many times and she has always been so helpful.  I never actually knew she was the manager - I never thought to ask.  She is the best!

This has been so fun for me to post about my favorite store.  I hope you can see why I think they are so exceptional!


  1. I think if I went to that store I would feel like I seriously was in heaven!! I don't think I would ever leave. Maybe it's a good thing I don't live by one because it looks SO SO amazing!! I think I might be ordering online....hee hee... :)

    Thank you!

  2. Great job on your segment this morning on Studio 5! LOVE the project!

    I was able to get to Lakeshore last weekend. I bought a few things including the spinart paint spinner. I didn't buy the refill pack for the paint. Do you think that watering down some tempera might work? Have you tried anything else with those?

    Also, I brought my coupon and presented it at checkout. Duh, it didn't start till the 7th. The lady at the counter told me that, gave me the coupon back and then used another store coupon for the same discount! Fabulous customer service! Great store, thanks for sharing!

  3. Dani- I am in love! With you (not really, but kind of!). This is AMAZING! I found your site after looking at my friend Melyda's blog. This is just so perfect! I LOVE art! My mom is an art teacher. I have so much fun doing art with my kids. This is just seems too good to be true! I can not wait to get started! I have been attempting to organize a "art in the park"this summer and teach art classes for younger kids. Now I am SO EXCITED to get a group together and do these art projects! I am just so happy! I am going to tell my friends to buy the PDF too, I read that 3 copies can be made, but you deserve to be paid for your work! This just made my day! Thanks!

  4. Thought you might like this link http://mypaperpony.blogspot.com/2010/08/barbies-museum-of-art.html It is a really neat idea to make a miniature art museum. You could use someone else and not Barbie. I thought of you when I saw the link.


  5. Oh, how I wish we had this store! (I'm in Toronto)I sometimes order from Lakeshore's catalogue -- but the store looks so fun!!!... hmmm... I wonder if there is one close to me... maybe Buffalo or Detroit areas... off now to check!

  6. wow how awesome to be able to go to the store I love lakeshore :)

    We do a monthly artist study and wanted so share with you our latest project: Picture Frame Piet Mondrian and A Book About Color by Mark Gonyea http://lettersnumbersandbooksohmy.blogspot.com/2011/05/picture-frame-piet-mondrian-and-book.html

    would love to hear what you think of it :)