A Special Award

We are coming to the end of a very exciting Kindergarten year for my son Liam.  This Fall he entered the school's Reflections art contest.  The theme was, "Together We Can..."  He chose to paint a rocket ship with acrylic paint and say, "Together we can travel to space."  Liam just made the painting for fun and he did not even know it was a contest, so we kinda forgot about it after he entered it.  Then we were very excited when we were told that his painting was one of 8 entries from his school that advanced to the Council Level.  We were then surprised when his painting advanced 3 more times and made it to the State Level.  His sweet principal has been so proud of his success and every time his painting advanced he would announce it in his monthly newsletters to all the parents.  Because of this experience Liam has developed more confidence and enthusiasm in his artistic abilities.  He is really developing his own unique style and it is amazing for me to watch.  His mind is always full of ideas of things he wants to draw and he never seems to get bored of making art.  It is fun for me to see him enjoying something that I enjoy as well.

A couple weeks ago I received a call from Liam's principal and he told me that Liam had been chosen to receive a special award that is only given to 1 student from the school each year.  Liam was pretty excited.  It was given to him by our County School Board.  It was fun for me to see 2 of my former principals on the School Board that night (my elementary school Principal and my High School Principal).  It was actually my former elementary school teacher that called Liam up for the award and she had many nice things to say about him.  It was a special night.

The School Board asked him to show them his painting up close.  I love their cute faces as he walked by.  

That night we went to celebrate by getting some hamburgers and fries, he was one happy kid.

Another recent highlight was a couple weeks ago when Liam was asked by the school PTA to display a table of his artwork at the annual school art exhibition.  They put his art right by the front door in hopes of inspiring other kids to enter the Reflection's contest next year.  I am amazed at how sweet the school has been to Liam and how they have made an effort to celebrate his success this year.  We are very grateful for their kindness to him.

While I was at the art exhibition I came across these awesome portraits, I bet my kids would love to make one of these.  They are half photographs and half drawings.
Part 3 of my Lakeshore Learning shopping experience is coming soon!  I am also looking forward to going to their little artist workshop this Saturday.


  1. That is pretty amazing! I love all the colors in his painting. He is quite the artist.