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Hello Pineapple Paintbrush readers!  If this is your first time looking at my site, welcome!  I have been silent around here for awhile.  Life is busy with 4 boys, and now a baby girl that is just 2 months old!!  It is really fun having a baby girl for the first time, she is just the sweetest little baby in the world!  I just wanted to update my website with some current information...

My Intro to Art Class PDF is available for sale again after a few months of being unavailable.  I am excited to announce that I am lowering the price for the first time!  It will now cost $10 instead of $15.  The class PDF used to be available for purchase online but is currently only available by emailing me at daniute@msn.com.  When you email me I will send you the payment through email (usually the same day).  As soon as the payment is received I will email you the PDF!  To help me see your email it would be great if you put "PDF" as the subject.  I am also still selling the Art Class Materials PDF, but I am lowering that price to $3 instead of $5.  The reason why I am selling it through email is to avoid fees from the company that was automatically emailing the PDF after purchases.

If you want to learn more about the PDF's before purchasing them click on the link above which says "Shop Class PDFs."

I hope you have a great time creating art!



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