Family Organization Class for Moms!

Hi Friends!

I am teaching a Family Organization Class for Moms in January!  Here is the info:

THURSDAY JANUARY 7th 2016:  7:00-10:00 pm
Location: Dani’s Home
Cost: $12
*Class Notes will be available for purchase sometime in the next few months.  If you would like to be informed when they are available please email me at daniute@msn.com.

Class Topics:
·       Yearly Calendaring

·       Creating systems that you trust so the pressure is out of mind and you can live in the present
·       Aligning your personal goals and values with your schedule
Cleaning Systems: how to efficiently keep the house clean and organized so you have more time to enjoy life.
·       Meal Planning and recipe organization
Minimizing house clutter and schedule clutter

·       Knocking out perfectionism, comparisons and taking care of YOU
·       Traditions/Family Culture/Vacation Planning

·       Organizing children's keepsakes, family photos and family photo books
·       Teaching children responsibility at home
·       Creating an atmosphere where learning, playing and creativity are encouraged and mistakes can be made

I have a love of organization and a desire to create an atmosphere of peace, happiness, balance and consistency in my home.  However, that has also proved my biggest challenge as a wife, mother and homemaker.  As each of our 5 children have been born the level of difficulty has increased and with that I have had to focus harder, read more books, and learn a lot through literal sweat and tears, mistakes and trial and error.  Our children often face a world of pressure, distraction, inconsistency and stress.  The goal of this class is to help make our homes a place of refuge through sensible, flexible structures and systems that help us avoid being in a state of crisis and exhaustion.   On top of my own experiences and tips I will be basing this class on some pretty amazing books that have helped me tremendously.  I will share that book list with you.  I am also really looking forward to learning from YOU as you have a lot of valuable information in that brain of yours through your own life experiences!

There are a ton of topics as you can tell above!  Chances are we will not get through everything.  However, I am writing class notes that will cover all of the topics above and will be available in a few months.  I really like this quote and I think it pretty much sums up the purpose of the class:

“In a well-functioning home, much that is conducive to quality living just seems to happen automatically, due to sometimes subtle yet definitely operative systems.  This supportive structure eliminates many of the hassles of everyday living and allows family members to perform routine activities by simply relying on good habits.  Their physical and mental energy are thus reserved for more creative pursuits, and their best efforts are freed up for building positive relationships with other family members.”  - The Ultimate Career, by Daryl Hoole.

I hope to see you in January and kick off the New Year with some great personal goal setting!

Dani Henriksen


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