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The Intro to Art Class PDF includes 57 pages of pictures and step-by-step instructions of all the online class projects, printable worksheets, plus BONUS projects.  You can purchase the PDF for $15 and you are allowed to make 3 copies for each PDF that you buy.  They would make great gifts for children, friends, teachers, family members,  neighbors and more.

Here is some more specific information about the PDF:

It is the Intro to Art Class geared for 4 - 6 year olds
It is 57 pages long
The class focuses on 4 of the basic elements of art: colors, lines, shapes and textures
The projects allow for a lot of freedom of expression and experimentation with art materials
The PDF includes the pictures and step-by-step instructions for 35 art projects
It also includes worksheets, compare and contrast activities and 4 art history lessons and projects that go along with those lessons
The class is a lot of fun and with my easy instructions ANYONE can teach art to their children

All of the instructions for each of the class projects will only be available online for 2 days after they are posted.  However, by purchasing the PDF you will have your own personal copy of all the projects to use during the class and for future reference plus worksheets and BONUS projects.  You will be able to download the PDF to your computer within minutes after your purchase and you will have the benefit of seeing the projects before they are posted online.  With the PDF you will also be able to go at your child's own pace, rather than the pace of the class.

To purchase the PDF you just click on the "buy now" button on the right side of my blog.

You can also purchase my Art Material's PDF which is 27 pages of pictures and details about all of the materials used for the online art class.  If you want more information about art products, my favorite brand and where to buy them then you will love my Class Material's PDF which I am selling for $5.

If you have questions concerning your purchase please feel free to email me at