Spring 2011 Online Preschool Art Class

*I will be posting a list of all the supplies for the class by the beginning of March.  The first day of class will be Monday March 14th.

I am excited about my very first ONLINE art class starting mid March.  Anyone is welcome to join us and follow along.  I am gearing this class towards my second son's age group - which is those turning 4 this school year.  However the class can be adjusted to challenge younger and older children.

This class will cover the fundamentals of art..... colors, shapes, textures, lines, patterns, art history lessons, and more.  It will be easy to follow with step by step instructions, exercises, templates, information sheets and lists of materials needed to complete the projects.  There will be plenty of fun things to do and you can go at your child's own pace, giving them plenty of one-on-one teaching.  This will be a learning experience for me as I have never done a class like this before, but I hope you will join us and feel free to email me any questions or suggestions along the way at daniute@msn.com.  

A small group of students will be meeting at my house once a week to share the artwork they have made at home and also to complete a fun project together.  I will be holding an Art Exhibition Night for those students at the end of the class, which is always so rewarding for the kids.  I will document everything on the blog in hopes that it will give fun and inspiring ideas to all of the parents following along at home.  I hope you will join in the fun with your children!  If you decide to participate I recommend that you gather up some friends to join in the fun and have your children share their artwork with each other and then hold an Exhibition Night together.  I think that makes the experience even more fun and memorable for the child.